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Claudio Basilico

Dr. Claudio Basilico is the Jan Vilcek Professor of Molecular Pathogenesis and Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at NYU School of Medicine.  After training in virology in Italy and the U.S., he dedicated the earlier part of his scientific career to the study of oncogenic viruses and of how these viruses interact with the host cell machinery to induce malignant transformation of cells in culture and in vivo.  He also carried out pioneering studies on the mechanisms by which somatic cell mutations influence cell cycle progression and the gene and gene-functions which regulate cell division.  In more recent years Dr. Basilico's work has mainly focused on the mechanisms through which signaling by growth factors and cognate receptors regulates cell proliferation and differentiation.  His studies on the regulation of expression and function of the FGF growth factor family have provided important information on the mechanisms by which these growth factors control embryonic developments, angiogenesis, limb and skeletal formation and play a role in some types of cancer.  Dr. Basilico has served and continues to serve on the editorial board of numerous scientific journals as well as on the scientific advisory boards of academic institutions and biotechnology companies.

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