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Eighth World Conference on the Future of Science 2012 - Nanoscience Society

The eighth World Conference on the Future of Science, entitled "Nanoscience Society" has gathered together some of the world’s most eminent scientists to present and discuss new findings from one of the most and exciting and rapidly-progressing areas of research: the Nanoscience.


The starting of the XXI century has been marked by an intense and global scientific, economic and political investment on nanotechnology. During this past decade, research and development in nanotechnology has made astonishing progress and has now provided a clearer indication of its potential.


The interdisciplinary character of nanoscience and technologies have raised the collective expectations that nanotechnology will keep technologically based economies globally competitive and provide significant societal benefits, such as improved and affordable healthcare.


Nanotechnology is becoming an enabling technology, which is likely to have widespread and pervasive applications across a wide variety of industrial sectors. The Conference will address the next decades expected shift to more complex generations of nanotechnology products, and the need to responsibly address broad societal challenges such as sustainability and health.


The strategic role of Nanotechnology in determining the improvement of the quality of life and daily life organization through the advancement in sectors such as new materials, information technology, medicine and biotechnology will be highlighted.


The potential for societal and environmental benefits and concerns will be discussed in view of the building of an accountable, inclusive and participative governance of scientific and technological development.

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