Tenth World conference - The eradication of hunger

The Tenth World Conference on The Future of Science will explore a theme that puts science at the centre of the social debate: The Eradication of Hunger.
The aim is to offer a global vision of problems such as water scarcity, the development of sustainable agriculture, food safety, food and health; and to indicate how science and technology can contribute to solving these problems. Economic, political and ethical aspects will also be discussed. The conference will start from the assumption that everybody has a right to clean water and wholesome food. These are not only moral imperatives: any investment to accomplish them will bring major economic returns.

Registrations are closed

Welcome Adresses / 17.00

Umberto Veronesi - The Future of Science President
Giovanni Bazoli - Giorgio Cini Foundation President
Marco Tronchetti Provera - Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation President
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend - The Future of Science Vice President
Chiara Tonelli - The Future of Science Secretary General

Opening lectures
Welcome Cocktail / 19.00
Morning session / 9.00-13.00
Afternoon session / 14.00-18.00
Press review

"La dieta Mediterranea è anche antinfiammatoria. Ma noi non la seguiamo più"
Corriere della Sera, 08/09/2014

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