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Michael Seewald

A biochemist by education, Michael Seewald built expertise in analytical disciplines (biophysics, bioinformatics, chemoinformatics) during his academic career, and authored/co-authored publications in leading journals such as Nature and EMBO Journal. Michael began his industry career in the area of bioinformatics, then moved through a number of positions of increasing responsibility in Finance, Strategy, Marketing, and Development. Since 2015, Michael is heading the Center of Excellence for Real World Evidence at Novartis

Using Big Data and Real World Evidence to Improve Health Outcomes – Industry Perspective

HealthCare is evolving from being product-centric towards being increasingly patient- and value centric. Data is collected in many ways during routine medical practice and this opens up new opportunities for scientific research and for improving healthcare systems. Real World Evidence is defined as “data .. used for decision making” and it helps to better understand patient health outcomes, to test new hypotheses how to improve outcomes and to innovate healthcare towards cost-effective outcomes solutions.

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