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Massimo Sideri

Innovation Editor and Columnist at the Corriere della Sera since 2000; he's specialized in innovation, media, technology, A.I., IoT, computer crime and financial troubles. He writes  for Sette, Io Donna, Style, and He has a weekly column at Corriere that tackles the issues of labor and one about innovation (Smart economy). With Francesco Caio he wrote Banda Stretta (Rizzoli, 2011), the instant books about the death of Steve Jobs (Corriere della Sera), Tecnologismi: Posologia e precauzioni per l'uso dei social network (Sonzogno, 2013) and Come salvarsi dal posto fisso (Albatros, 2007)
With Simone Scelsa he published the thriller Free Press (Baldini e Castoldi Dalai, 2010).
He also works as innovation editor at Marsilio and he is the editor in chief of, national festival of innovation in Padova. Sideri is a  member of Ambrosetti Technology forum - Life Sciences and he has received  several awards during his carreer. 


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