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Alfonso Fuggetta

Alfonso Fuggetta is CEO and Scientific Director at CEFRIEL - Politecnico di Milano, Full Professor of Computer Science at Politecnico di Milano, and Faculty Associate at the Institute for Software Research, University of California, Irvine. 
He is also a member of the Advisory Board Industry 4.0 at Assolombarda and of the Strategy Board at The Ruling Companies Association.
In past years, he was a member of the Research and Innovation Committee of Confindustria and of several Committees of the Italian Government including the Government Committee on Open Source Software in the Public Administration, and the Government's Supporting Committee for Italian Digital Agency. He is also regularly collaborating with Regione Lombardia and other local and regional administrations.
Moreover, he was a member of several program committees for international conferences and of editorial boards of scientific journals.


Big data: challenges and opportunities

The wide diffusion of digital and mobile devices has enabled an incredible spectrum of new applications and services. People, objects, and spaces are permanently connected to the Internet through intelligent devices and circuits. Their activities can be traced and profiled, generating enormous amount of data. In turn, these data can be used to enable new forms of communication, facilitate our work, make the environment safer and cleaner, and in general improve our life. However, this pervasive monitoring and controlling activity generates new challenges and risks never seen in the past. Thus it is vital to approach this digital revolution by addressing very critical issues such as security, safety, and privacy. We must find the right balance between many conflicting requirements and constraints that define and qualify our lives as individuals and as a society as a whole.

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