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Mariella Enoc

Sensitivity and passion have always characterized her work in a sensitive area such as welfare services. Over the years she has been able to turn her commitment also to the problems linked to the industry, labor and employment. A great desire to participate in the civic life of its territory, with a view to build a strong social cohesion that gives especially young people a vision of hope for the future, distinguishes her way of being.  

ROUND TABLE - Longevity: resource for society

The most recent projections on the ageing of European population indicate that by 2060 the old continent is going to be sensibly more populous (517 million against 502 in 2010), but also significantly older. According to the data 30% of the Europeans will be over 65. In this context, one of the greatest challenges for Italy and our local communities lies in the development of effective ageing policies. The importance of healthy ageing requires to consider seniors as active citizens and resources for our society. Getting older and being healthy is not simply an individual challenge, but rather an objective of the collectivity. The complexity of this challenge requires a multidisciplinary approach, the inclusion of various actors and the synergic integration of multiple competencies. During the round table we will have the chance to reflect on the role that different actors engaged in the Third Sector and which, like Fondazione Cariplo, operate on the basis of the principle of subsidiarity action, can play in order to achieve this goal.

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